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How to Push from Your Local WordPress Development Environment to Production

cpanel and local by flywheel

This tutorial assumes you have set up a local development environment using Local by Flywheel. Next, we will make a change to our local environment and push that change to our production environment. If you use Flywheel’s hosting this is dead simple. However, we’re using a dedicated server with cPanel so the process is a … Read more

Create a Local WordPress Installation Using Local by FlyWheel

In in this tutorial we’re going to set up a local WordPress installation on our desktop environment for testing and development purposes. This installation is going to be an out-of-the-box WordPress installation with the default files and a new database. We’re going to use a newer tool called Local by FlyWheel. Local is a tool … Read more

Using WordPress Child Themes

There are tons of quality WordPress themes out there. You found the perfect one for your site, almost. Everything looks good at first then you decide you need a few little tweaks to the theme code to really fit your needs. Stop modifying the theme directly. Start using WordPress Child Themes. If you aren’t familiar with child … Read more